Having Problem with Roaches?

Don't Let Roaches Take Control of your Home!

Have you ever noticed a cockroach strolling around your kitchen shelf or maybe around your bathroom floor? If you see a few of them wandering around during the day time, consider that as a sign of severe infestation. Why? Because cockroaches are nocturnal animals. And unfortunately one of the main reasons they move out of their hiding places is overcrowding! Once you’ve realized this unpleasant truth, it’s time to take action. Always recruit licensed exterminators to get rid of persistent roaches.

This is where we jump in! As roach exterminators, we use the latest market equipment and an environmentally friendly approach to get every last pest out of your home. We understand that each house is uniquely structured, so we tailor our methods every time to best meet your needs. Let us take charge!

What Attracts Roaches?

Although you don’t want unsanitary cockroaches in your living spaces, they often come because they are tempted by these conditions: 

Dirty dishes in the sink

Food crumbs on the floor or counters

Uncovered garbage

Empty food cans and containers

Pet food on the floor

Excess moisture and humidity

Accumulation of contaminated water

How Do Roaches Enter Your Home?

Cockroaches don’t need much space to come inside. You may be surprised at the following pathways they often take to enter your home:

Cracks, small holes, and crevices



Riding on items inside

Why is it a Problem to Share Space with Cockroaches?

These stubborn pests carry a host of diseases.
Children and other sensitive people are the most vulnerable to the infections spread by roaches.

Roaches multiply quickly.

Over time they become immune to pesticides.

Exposure to cockroach corpses, cast-off skin, and feces often triggers severe health issues like asthma and allergies.

Some kinds of cockroaches produce irritating, unpleasant chirping or clicking sounds.

Since cockroaches are omnivores, they sometimes bite human nails, eyelashes, wounds, and feet. If bitten by a cockroach, you may develop an infection, swelling, and lesions around the infected

Now that you know more about cockroach infestations, are you ready to make your home roach-free? Bringing in the help of professionals will get the job done, but there are also measures you can take to prevent the problem from getting worse

Tips to Stopping a Cockroach Infestation

1) Keep your home clean

Since cockroaches are always looking for new food sources, they are attracted to areas with filth and dirt. If you keep your kitchen cluttered, your cooking place may become the next place for a cockroach attack. Make sure you do the following:

– Don’t store dirty dishes inside the wash-basin for long. Wash dishes immediately!
– Clean spills and crumbs right away.
– Don’t keep garbage inside your kitchen overnight. Make sure that you keep the bin far away from your house.
– Don’t let grease accumulate over the stovetop.
– Keep food covered, both inside and outside the fridge.
– Keep the floors clean.

2) Don't allow water to accumulate

Your left-over food is not the only thing which attracts roaches. They are also drawn towards water. Ensure all the gutters on your house are work properly and are unobstructed. Never let rainwater accumulate because it could act as breeding grounds for cockroaches.

3) Always keep your pet’s food and water bowls clean

Clean the bowl immediately after your pet finishes eating or drinking. If food spills, clean it up. You can avoid a cockroach invasion by merely keeping your pets eating area clean and tidy.

How Can Prefessionals Help to Exterminate Roaches?

Pest control professionals design a unique action plan to suit the individual requirements of each home. Only a professional knows when and where to deploy which techniques. Keep in mind there are limited readymade solutions available to the general public, but there are a wide variety of cockroaches. Our team of professionals will locate entry points, identify the type of infestation, and determine what is attracting the roaches.

Not only will we eliminate every last cockroach, but we will also guide you through preventive measures to keep roaches away for good. Let us help you. Contact us now!