Having issues with your Crawl Space?

Why keep your crawl spaces in Good Condition?

Crawl spaces can sometimes be a forgotten area of your home, but what exactly is the purpose of a crawl space? Simply put, a crawl space keeps the home elevated above the ground. It also helps promote air circulation throughout your home and allows convenient access to things like plumbing and electrical systems. Crawl spaces are an essential part of your home and any issues can potentially cause structural damage.

Some problems you may experience within your Crawl Space include:

Excessive moisture that can create mold and wood rot

Infestation of wildlife such as snakes, mice, and rats

Risk of pest related infestations such as termites

Tidewater Exterminating is truly skilled and knowledgeable in crawl spaces, to help fix any issues you may be having, the first time around.

Crawl Space Maintenance

Since the crawl space is part of the structure of your home, anything that negatively affects it, can also negatively affect the environment inside your home.

Excessive moisture or pest infestations can lead to conditions such as poor air quality, increased heating/cooling bills, or foundational issues. Oftentimes, contractors won’t solve the issues in your crawl space properly, leaving you with costly damage and unnecessary worry.

That’s where the professionals at Tidewater Exterminating come in. Our team is truly skilled and knowledgeable in crawl spaces, to help fix any issues you may be having, the first time around.

How Tidewater Exterminating can help protect your home's crawl space

Tidewater Exterminating offers several services that can help you ensure that your crawl space is in good condition. We know that identifying and solving the problem as soon as possible will help ensure the safety of you and your family. That’s why we offer a FREE inspection of your crawl space so that we can notify you of any issues that you may have before they become damaging and costly.

Vapor Barriers/Encapsulations

An encapsulation or updated vapor barrier allows you to seal off your crawl space, turning what can be a damp and dirty space, into a clean and dry environment. This prevents the the potential risk of mold or fungi from forming and causing health risk, as well as foundaion dmages. Not every home needs an encapsulated crawlspace and we provide honest assesments of your moisute problems, and will only reccomend the minimum required work to resolve the issues.

Borate Treatments

This involves treating the structural wood of your crawl space in order to kill damaging fungi, termites, and mold. These organisms can cause serious damage to wood if they are left untreated. When applied to the foundation, the borate crystals penetrate deep into the fibers of the wooden foundation lasting on average 10-15 years. Chemical treatments are only a part, finding the moisture source and mitigating it will provide long term prevention.

French Drain/ Sump Pump Systems

In some instances vapor/moisture barriers aren’t enough. Ground water entering your crawlspace can be solved one of two ways. Either by an exterior french drain systems tying in all downspouts, or a french drain/sump pump system inside the crawlspace. These drainage systems will collect all water around the foundation al permanently move it away from the foundation. 

Termite and Other Pest Inspections & Treatments

Getting your home inspected for pest infestations can ensure that possible pests aren’t causing damage to your home or crawl space. Getting an inspection also allows you to schedule for treatment if a problem is uncovered, before the infestation causes serious damage.

Tidewater Exterminating is happy to come out and inspect your home and crawl space to be sure that it’s safe and structurally sound. Don’t let the fact that your crawl space is under your home cause you to forget about it. When left on the back burner of home care, the crawl space can have a major effect on your home and wallet. Call us at 757-778-1995 to learn more about how we can help keep you and your family safe and comfortable in your home!