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Who knew that creatures the size of apple-seeds could cause havoc while you sleep! Bed bugs feed on your blood all night then seem to vanish in the morning as if they never existed. However, the itching and unpleasant red spots will affirm that their presence. If you relate to what we are saying here, then your bed is already pest infested. This is where we jump in! As roach exterminators, we use the latest market equipment and an environmentally friendly approach to get every last pest out of your home. We understand that each house is uniquely structured, so we tailor our methods every time to best meet your needs. Let us take charge!

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How long will it take to be bug-free again?

Getting rid of bed bugs can take weeks, sometimes even months, depending on the severity of the infestation. Completely eliminating bed bugs consists of a complex process. If you wish to make your home 100% pest free, make sure you enlist professional services.

Look for the-signs!

Bed bugs always make their presence felt; you just need to look closely! Have you noticed red-colored marks on your skin lately? Bed bugs could be to blame. Their bites leave red marks, which can leave an itchy sensation.

How to prevent a bed bugs infestation

Although the following measures can help prevent future problems, they don’t provide long-term relief from an infestation. It’s impossible to reach every hidden part of the house with DIY solutions. Unfortunately, if any place is neglected the infestation will return. Only professionals can identify the specific type of bed bugs infesting your place and execute the proper treatment.

Store clothing in air-sealed bags when traveling

Since you are most likely to encounter bed bugs in hotels, it would be ideal to utilize standard-sized airtight vacuum bags while on the go. This way your belongings are less vulnerable to pests and you are less likely to bring back the

Keep your pets clean

Pets often act as carriers for bed bugs. This is because bed bugs love to dine on animals. They will cause your pet to itch and feel irritated. Use a flashlight to inspect your pet’s skin and fur often to ensure they aren’t hosting the bloodsuckers.

Vacuum your floor regularly

Despite what their name suggests, bed bugs do not only infest beds! They can be found in other places surrounding beds such as the carpet, mattress, floor, or corners of the house. If you believe you have a bed bug problem, dispose of the vacuum bag outside your home after vacuuming because you wouldn’t want them to crawl back inside.uninvited pests.

Get rid of the clutter

Clutter increases the chances that an infestation will spread. Messy and untidy areas create a safe and inviting place for bed bugs to reside.

Keep your mattress covered

Zippered casings around your mattress can act as a shield against a bed bug infestation. For best protection, purchase superior-quality non-vinyl mattresses and coverings which resist folds and tears.

Inspect your furniture

Do you have old or antique furniture? Bed bugs can be found in cracks so before you buy any old furniture, check it properly.

Regularly wash bedding and clothing in hot water

Heat-washing bedspreads ensures that bed bugs do not take shelter in your bed. Even if they do, they won’t survive long if exposed to extreme heat. Once you heat-wash and heat-dry the bedsheets, clean the laundry machine thoroughly so that there aren’t any eggs left inside.

Freezing temperatures could be the perfect solution!

You can also try placing your infested sheets, blankets, or clothing in freezing temperatures for a day or two. Place the bed bug-infested items inside a vacuumed bag inside a home freezer. Bed bugs will vanish in really low temperatures.

Steam clean the furniture

Steam reaches into cracks, fabrics, carpets, bed boards, bed frames, and other parts of the furniture. Make sure that the steam cleaner maintains a temperature of at least at 130° Fahrenheit. Also, if the pressure is too high, the bed bugs will just scatter to other nearby spaces.

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