Meet the Owner

Owner, Jordan Hedgepeth grew up in Windsor, Virginia and entered into the pest control industry right out of high school. He excelled in the basics at a young age and quickly worked his way up to supervisor roles, eventually transitioning to the business side of the industry. He has over a decade of experience working in both corporate and small business pest control. 

Throughout his time in a corporate business, Jordan had undergone extensive training to obtain his State License, as well as taking several courses on pest control at Texas A&M University. In 2019, Jordan left the corporate world to start his own business, Tidewater Exterminating. His motivating factor was seeing how these corporate businesses treated both their customers and their employees. Jordan knew that he could provide a higher level of service to people in need of pest control. Since starting the business, Jordan has brought on several employees who also worked in corporate pest control, but share his same values in creating a healthy, safe environment and building relationships with customers. 

Jordan places a focus on utilizing eco-friendly products to ensure a safe home environment for your family and pets. Eco-friendly products, coupled with the family-friendly pricing structure place Tidewater Exterminating as a family-focused, local business that stresses the importance of providing effective pest control and quality customer service.

Licensed & Certified Team

Jordan and his team hold several licenses and certifications in pest control, including 7A: General Pest Control License and 7B: Wood-Destroying Pest Control License. In addition, Tidewater Exterminating holds a Virginia Commercial Pesticide License and is registered with the Virginia Department of Agriculture and the Environmental Protection Agency.

What Our Customers Say